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Azienda Agricola Infantino

In 2001, they celebrated an "Apero" (Grand Opening) in Switzerland with 160 people attendance and the popularity of their traditional Sicilian products was overwhelming.

In the beginning, they only exported their olive oil to Switzerland. The company has grown from that humble infancy and now Azienda Agricola Infantino has many "Prodotti Tradizionali Siciliani" (traditional Sicilian products).

Because of the enormous requests from Americans who live in this area, Azienda Agricola Infantino products are now being sold locally and at Sicilian festivals.

Be sure to try all their wonderful products!

Salvatore Emilio Infantino

Twenty years ago, while harvesting his family's olive trees, a young man had a vision.

Perched on the hills of Monti Iblei, beside the centuries old village of Mineo, and overlooking the orange groves below, the Infantino land has produced some of the finest olives in all of Italiy.

It was here, on the grounds of his parents' Sicilian homestead that Emilio Infantino dreamed of someday bottling and exporting the extra virgin olive oil pressed from the olives of these ancient trees.

The parents Salvatore and Pippa Infantino migrated to Switzerland to find work and build a life of stability for their children. They always dreamed of retiring to their native home of Mineo, Sicily.

Salvatore "Emilio" Infantino was born and raised in Switzerland along with his two brothers and one sister. Although his siblings stayed there, Emilio dreamed of making a life for himself in Sicily.

Only twenty-two years old when he stood atop Monti Iblei and envisioned Azienda Agricola Infantino, this visionary wanted to see the world and gain experience before pursuing his entrepreneurial dreams.

In Switzerland, Emilio learned the skills of a master electrician. He worked in this profession for many years while traveling throughout Europe and Thailand before settling in Mexico for seven years.

Emilio was finally ready to return to Sicily and realize his dream of exporting his family's olive oil.

Mariska Elmer

Mariska Elmer was also pursuing a dream. Like Emilio, Mariska was born and raised in Switzerland. After completing school, she worked in the export business/or more than ten years and learned all about the sales and administration of this industry. Mariska traveled to all the continents of the world in search of her own destiny.

She fine-tuned her English while working for several months in San Francisco, California. But it was South Africa that stole her heart.

She was volunteering in a village there when she decided to travel to Sicily to visit a friend. During her first few days at her friend's home in Mineo, Mariska met Emilio and their destinies collided. Emilio's dream of a future in the export business was infused by Mariska's past experience in exports and Azienda Agricola Infantino was born